/ Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best way to contact Miss Green?
The easiest way to contact Miss Green is by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. From Monday to Friday you can also reach us by telephone from 10:00 to 17:00 on the phone number 023-5510697.
2. I see you’re located in Haarlem. Is it possible to stop by to fit some items? Do you have a shop in Haarlem?
No, unfortunately we don’t have a physical shop. We are a web shop with an office in Haarlem. If you want to meet us in real life, please keep an eye on our blog to see if we might be at a consumer fair soon.
3. How long will it take to receive my order at home?
When you order something, you’ll want it at home as soon possible. That’s why Miss Green aims to send order placed and paid before 15:00 the same day. Add PostNL’s delivery time and your order will arrive after one or two days.
4. Can I have a different delivery address to the billing address?
Yes this is possible. You can let your parcel be delivered at your work address for example. Or you could let it be delivered at a gift address.
5. Is it possible to send an order to two addresses?
No, it’s not possible to split up an order and send it to two addresses. In this case it’s better to place two orders.
6. Is it safe to pay Miss Green with my credit card or via iDEAL?
Yes, Adyen provides Miss Green’s payments. They provide among other things payments for www.gaastrashop.com and www.sevensocks.nl. They guarantee your payment will be executed securely. As soon as the payment is received the order will be processed directly and there will be a regular delivery time. If you have further questions about Adyen’s security, you can check this website: www.adyenpayments.com
7. I want to receive my order fast, what should I do?
When you pay for example via iDEAL, MasterCard and Visa your order can be sent within two days at the most.
8. Can I return or exchange the ordered items?
However Miss Green spends a lot of care and attention to her products and delivery, it can occur that the ordered items are not what you expected of them or that you ordered the wrong size. It’s no problem to return the items. You can exchange your items or we can refund the purchase amount. There are some rules. Please look at payment, delivery and returns.
9. Does Miss Green deliver abroad?
Currently we’re working really hard on making this possible. If you’d like to order abroad, please send an e-mail to [email protected].
10. How do I know if I have the correct size?
Please look at the size dimensions. You will find these on the product page (so on the page of the product you want to know the size of). Next to the product description you’ll see a tab ‘Dimensions’. With a tape-measure you’ll easily find out what your size is. Please keep in mind that the clothing is very stretchy. If you still have questions about the correct size after reading this text and the size chart you can contact us for extra advise via [email protected].
11. I can’t decide between two sizes, which size should I order?
If you still don’t know after reading the size chart, call or e-mail us. We will help you with pleasure.
12. Is it correct I can’t choose all sizes with some items?
Yes, it’s possible that some sizes are sold out. We get new deliveries regularly. Would you like to know when your size will be back in stock? Please send an e-mail to [email protected]
13. Is it correct you have some items in XXL and some not?
Yes, that is correct. The following models are in size XXL: Charlize, Shirley, Julia, Susan, Esther, Toni, Helen and Natalie.
14. Will Miss Green sell a plus size collection in the future (from size 44)?
Miss Green is a small label that is still starting up. We don’t have maximal negotiating powers with manufacturers yet. The more different sizes and colours are ordered per model, the more expensive it will be for us. Possibly if Miss Green has grown sufficiently, a plus size collection will be added in the future.
15. I find it hard to choose the right colour.
Miss Green can send you a fabric sample. Mail your address to [email protected] and we will send you the sample of the desired colour as soon as possible.
16. I’d rather feel the fabric before ordering.
Miss Green can send you a fabric sample. Mail your address to [email protected] and we will send you the sample of the desired colour as soon as possible.
17. Are Miss Green’s basics 100% cotton?
No, Miss Green’s T-shirts and tank tops consist of 94% certified organic cotton and 6% lycra. The dresses and trousers consist of 93% certified organic cotton and 7% lycra. Due to the amount of lycra the clothing have a nice stretch, which will maintain her nice fit. There also is a soft and supple bamboo collection. The composition of this collection is 68% bamboo, 28% cotton and 4% lycra.
18. I miss a certain item or colour in the collection. Can I still expect this?
We are always open for suggestions. Let us know via [email protected]! We place a new order each quarter of a year. We check the existing products for possible adjustments, new colours or new models.
19. I returned an item, but I haven’t received the purchase amount yet.
The process of returning items usually takes two business days plus two days for the payment provider. Please count on about seven business days. Is it taking longer? Send us an e-mail and we’ll check it for you.
20. I have a complaint.
A loose hem, a broken zipper. Making clothes still is peoples work and even though we are doing our best to check the quality as good as possible, sometimes an item slips through. Let us know! Send an e-mail to [email protected].
21. I haven’t received a conformation e-mail.
If you haven’t received a conformation e-mail seconds after ordering, the following things could have gone wrong:
– Your provider possibly sees our automatic e-mails as spam and has deleted it/moved it to the spam box.
– You have made a typo in your e-mail address when ordering.
– You have paid with direct debit. In this case it will take two days for the bank to accept the payment after which you will receive a conformation from us.
If you have not received a conformation e-mail, please contact [email protected].
22. Technical problems with the website?
Miss Green’s website should work flawlessly. If you do see a flaw, please let us know via [email protected]. You would help us a lot. Like this we can restore the flaws quicker.