/ Scarf Nasty: Red

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95% organic cotton, 5% Elastaan

Nasty is rich in fabric, so you can wear it in different ways. Yes, even with a scarf you can go several ways ... Do you get a little chilly outside on the terrace? Then hang it loosely over your shoulders. On cold days you curl Nasty comfortably in your neck. And if you don't feel so happy with your tummy, then let the scarf hang casually over it.

Nasty is nice for inside and outside. The scarf goes well with the various wide necks of Miss Green’s dresses. And during slightly cooler spring days, grab her before you go out, over a coat or jacket.

De afmeting van de sjaal is 200 cm lang en 50 cm breed.


This fabulous summer red is a real must-have this season. It can be combined perfectly with our other items. Did you know that with the accent colours red (or yellow - more to come) you give your outfit the exciting twist it deserves? A bit of red under a sleeve or waistband just completes your outfit. Our red of this season tends more to a coral red than a bright red and has a light orange undertone. Thanks to one of our customers who pointed this out :).


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GOTS, the ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ is the most important standard when it comes to clothing made from organic fibres. The GOTS certification means that the entire production process, from the fibres, the processing into yarn and fabric, up to the final product has been made in an environmentally and animal friendly, and in good working conditions. The GOTS standard is independently checked.


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) focuses on the establishing and protecting of animal rights. For clothing this means no down feathers, leather, wool, shells, fur or silk are used for the production of the garment. Miss Green is Peta Approved Vegan, with the exception of the items in which wool is used.