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  • Midiskirt, inspired by the 70's
  • Pressbuttons in the front that can be used to create split
  • Two small pockets on the front
  • Jeans 'V', of 'back yocke' on the back
  • Straight fit
  • Available in four colors

Skirt Beautiful morning: Black

It's a beautiful morning! ... when you get up and put on this skirt. These 70s midiskirt is inspired by jeans! My mother has a similar skirt still hanging in the closet;) You can open the pressbuttons at the front so you can easily create  a split.

Two small pockets on the front. And a "jeans V" or a "back yoke" on the back of the skirt complete the 70's look. It’s a beautiful morning it is super feminine. In short, a proven model with a new look. 

Golden Rod

As far as we are concerned, Golden Rod is the color of a setting sun. This warm yellow color looks great with blondes, but also looks very flattering with dark colored skin types or brunnetes. Golden Rod will make you shine. A refreshing color in dark winter times ;)

What is Garment Dye?

Normally fabrics are first dyed and then cut and stitched. With Garment Dye this is exactly the other way around: first the unbleached cotton is cut and stitched, only then do the items go into a large washing machine to color. This painting method gives a "edgy look" because the article gets a bit of a washed jeans look. Especially on the stiching. 


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