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    Are you not sure about what size to order, then get your tape-measure out of the drawer and follow these instructions. Find the drawing of the product you want to order and measure points A, B, C (and possibly D). For the measurements for your chest and hips you have to measure around the fullest part of your chest and the widest part of your hips. Next you can look for your size in the size guide. Keep in mind that the fabrics we use are very stretchy. Your size does not depend on a centimeter more or less.

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  • Small, elegant, flat buttons
  • Narrow cuffs, good to roll
  • Two flat pockets

Blouse Maya
Maya is everything you need in a blouse. She is super soft and has the perfect fit. This eyecatcher is available in two fun prints: dazing dot and confusing camouflage. Both have elegant buttons and flat pockets. Wherever you are, you’ll always stand out.

Do you want it to be a little tougher? Then you can get a size up and roll up the sleeves slightly. Like this you’ll look more nonchalant. Especially with beany Beverly erbij. Maya also looks good under sweater Carmen.

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